Many faithful blog readers have written, wondering if my 100th post was my last.

It is not.

I realize now that posting my 100th entry and then going silent for several days of course would lead to this conclusion.  It’s my own darned fault for not communicating more clearly.

Between the recent eye strain issues, college kids heading back to school, a friend’s film debut in which I was involved, a hurricane, high school kids now heading back to school, and myself heading into a holiday weekend away — I just decided to take a breather and be more present with the people around me at this seasonal transition.

That said, I’ll be back in action just after Labor Day with post 102.  Thanks for checking in on me, for sharing my musings and for being willing to consider the advice of  “some guy” out here whose best credentials are taking chances, loving people, and finding perhaps an unusual degree of peace and happiness.

See you next week.


About Erik

Erik is an author, speaker, blogger, facilitator, people lover, creative force, conversationalist, problem solver, chance-taker, noticer and lover of life. He lives in the Boston area. "It's more about writing lives than writing pages." View all posts by Erik

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