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Somewhere in the middle of 2015, life changed.

Prior to that, I had just released my first book, The Best Advice So Far. I still remember the day I typed the period after the last word of the last sentence of the last chapter. It was exactly one year to the day after I’d started, at 3:18 AM. I was so into what I was writing, that when my fingers stopped typing, it was a minute or two before the thought followed: I just wrote a book. I didn’t know what one should feel or do on such an occasion. All I could think to do was to drive to the all-night convenience store, buy a Nestle Quik strawberry milk and drink it in the aisle as a sort of toast to the occasion.

Shortly after, I met with a New York Times Bestselling author who had read my book and was genuinely excited. He offered to provide an official endorsement.  Soon, I was communicating with a VP from Google who’d also read the book and was impressed, offering her endorsement as well.

Things were gaining momentum. It was all a little heady. The possibilities truly seemed endless.

Sometime that summer, however, what I’d thought was an allergic reaction turned out to be a tenacious and mysterious rash. It spread. I saw specialists. They tested me for everything. I took heavy medications, just to rule things out — medications that gave me other side effects, like nightmares, anxiety and more. And the pervasive itching alone was enough to induce Mother Teresa to swear like a sailor.

Soon, my insides weren’t right. I wound up in the ER. I’ll save you the details, but it was distinctly un-fun … and it never went away.

Headaches set in next. And then my asthma — which had lain dormant for years — kicked in, followed by persistent canker sores.

In February of 2016, I lost a cousin to suicide, which required my stepping in to care for her teenage son.

Then there was the car accident that brought back migraines and set my back out of whack again.

I found myself writing less. Publicizing the book less. Pursuing speaking engagements less.

Working out less often. Interacting with others less often. Taking chances less often.

I felt like I was just becoming less …

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