The Best Advice So Far: walls — 1950s subway riders crowded and ignoring one another

Today, I saw a snail
on the sidewalk in front of our house.
And I thought, I too am like that snail.
I build a defensive wall around myself, a “shell” if you will.
But my shell isn’t made out of a hard, protective substance.
Mine is made out of tin foil and paper bags.

~Deep Thoughts by Jack Handy, SNL

Growing up with three siblings, all close in age, there were frequent and often ongoing sibling rivalries. As such, we learned tricks for being in close proximity while simultaneously erasing the offending party or parties from existence. And mind you, we didn’t have customized media to aid us. We had to be creative when it came to ignoring one another:

Holding an issue of TV Guide up to one side of our face like a blinder on a horse while watching television, so as to block out the person sitting beside us on the couch.

Placing three cereal boxes in half-hexagonal formation at breakfast time, to build a fortress around ourselves that would hide us from the enemy who sat kitty-corner from us at the table, arms-length away.

Car trips were the one time when shielding ourselves became almost impossible, especially as we got older and our bodies grew.

First, with four of us, your status during the trip was immediately determined by which seat you wound up managing to get for yourself. It was a fight to the death for a window seat. But eventually, a tight-lipped parent eventually threatened us with “that look” that meant just get in the car already (somehow oblivious to the obvious stakes); and whoever wound up getting the windows would turn and …

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2 responses to “walls

  • Brian Lageose

    Hey, Erik. Just a quick note to say that when I follow the links to your new blog, I arrive safely and comfortably, and I’m able read the rest of the pieces. But the “Like” options do not properly load (“Loading…”, henceforth into eternity). So I’ve been clicking “like” over here on what I assume is officially the “old” site. Thought I should let you know, in case there was something you might need to fiddle with…


    • Erik

      Hi, Brian. Thanks for stopping by. The original site was hosted on WordPress, while the new site is a self-hosted WP site. And, to date, some options are not yet available for self-hosted WP sites — among them, the ability to “Like” and “Follow” (or add to your Reader). Unfortunate, for sure, but apparently there are problems with even making plugins that can handle it on WP sites that aren’t on the free WP platform.

      Glad to be acquainted, though! And thanks for working so hard at being so encouraging through sharing your “Like.”


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