making the cut (negativity)

The Best Advice So Far - Making the Cut (Negativity) - studio mic with audiobook cover

I finished recording the tracks for The Best Advice So Far this week, and I’ve begun the editing process. There’s a ton I want to share with you about the process itself — and about the number of times I’d have quit already, if it weren’t for advice from my own book and blog kicking my butt. However, I’ll save that for an upcoming post.

Today, I’ll be keeping it short (at least in the volume of written words).

You would not believe how different your own voice sounds day to day — even hour to hour. Tonight, I sent the first 10 edited tracks to my iPod and listened to them as I drove. I swear, it sounded like four different people talking, and that’s after doing a lot of work each recording session, trying to maintain the same sound. Some of the chapters, I think I can adapt with some EQ settings. But one — “Chapter 2: Negativity” — is just too different. Must’ve been one I recorded too early, because I’ve got “morning voice.” Alas, however sexy, it’ll have to be entirely redone.

This makes me a bit sad, because I felt the conviction in the original reading as I listened to it this evening. I guess the written page isn’t the only place writers have to be willing to “murder their darlings.”

Still, I thought I’d at least let the original find a temporary voice here on my blog. It’s perfect timing, with my having been up to my elbows in recording and editing this week. And it fits right into recent discussions here about giving in to complaining, along with the perceived gains that drive our negativity.

I’m hopeful that you’ll take the time to listen, and …

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2 responses to “making the cut (negativity)

  • staceywilk

    Hi Erik,

    Since you were kind enough to stop by my blog, I thought I’d drop in here. Too bad about losing the sexy voice recording. Or maybe you should record all your podcasts that time of day?? Sex sells. Ha ha. I haven’t poked around enough yet, so I don’t know how long you’ve been a public speaker, but like any craft we don’t always get it right the first time and practice makes better. I’m sure you’ll rock it. I hate the way my voice sounds on a recording. I think, “How do people stand to listen to me?” It’s more refined in my head. I’ll stay there.

    Still waiting to see what’s up with the french fries. Will you settle for Italian pastries?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Erik

      Hi, Stacey. Thanks for dropping by. I keep my free WordPress site going with starters and a link to the complete new site, for the ease and transition of my original reading audience; but HERE’S A DIRECT LINK to the new site.

      I didn’t mind my voice in the recording that’s getting cut. It was just very different from the other 42 chapters; so, alas, it had to go. As a singer/songwriter from an early age, I guess I’ve gotten over the awkwardness of hearing my recorded voice by now. (Oh, and I’ve been a public speaker in some way, shape or form since I was still a teen.)

      I revealed the mystery of the “french fries” in a follow-up comment back on your own site. Glad to be connected!


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