the best …? (a.k.a. why the cocky title?)

About 500 years ago, a guy named Nicolaus cleared his throat and announced to the world that the universe does not, in fact, revolve around us.  However, eons before Nicolaus dared to speak up, the facts were the facts.  It did not matter what important people thought or knew or wanted to believe.  The earth has simply never been at the center of the cosmos.

As dinosaurs tromped around the planet, the principles of flight that now allow several tons of metal to take off and get airborne – were just as true.  It just took us a while to figure them out.

Truth is true, whether we know it yet or not.  Truth is true, whether or not we choose to believe it or acknowledge it.  Kick and scream all you like.  Truth just is.  The best any of us can do is to discover it, to better understand it, and to explain it in such a way that others can make some sense of it with us.

I want to make it clear at the outset here that I take no credit for inventing the advice in this blog or the book which is underway, any more than Copernicus can take credit for changing the orbits of bodies in space.  If there is truth to be found in anything I say, it has always existed.  Truth is.  I’ve just collected it.  Repackaged it.  Added some new bells and whistles along the way.

With some of the advice, I can recall the moment when it was passed along to me.  Some of it I gleaned from books.  Still other trinkets of the advice found here I’d swear I got from a certain close friend – who will swear she got it from me.  I’m known to have a knack for analogies, and I guess I’ve wrapped advice in those mental images so often over the years, that for many,  it seems to have originated with me.  Honestly, in most cases, I don’t remember exactly how I came into the advice.  I think I just pay attention in life and take note when I see patterns of truth.

The relaying of truth is a collective effort.  It’s not terribly important where we hear it, only that we respond and change accordingly.  I trust you will find your own gems of wisdom here.  My hope would be that some of it becomes so much a part of your everyday life and philosophy, that you too will wind up passing it along to others, even if you are unable to remember quite where you heard it first.


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The Best Advice So Far is about choice. Filled with wit, humor and poignantly real stories, The Best Advice So Far shares collective wisdom through a new lens, as well as practical application for living like it matters (because it does).


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